Taking the time limit off for an absolute finish of the Circumpolar Race Around the World does not relieve you of the time pressure….Because all treks are not equal, there is still a target to shoot for:

The Fernando Magellan Buckle ( known as the Fernão de Magalhães Buckle in Portugal). If you complete your Circumpolar trip running (on team or teams) in less than 12 months, you will be eligible to get the Gold Buckle. If you can beat the 16 month mark, you can get a Silver Buckle. Over 16 months is only the Medal.

The corresponding marks for multisport are 8 months and 12 months…..
Your clock starts the first day your first team logs miles. That is the day you get your first passport stamp to enter Mexico. And it is the same day that time starts ticking.

Are these hard targets? Yes. Not everyone will be able to wear a Gold Buckle…. or a Silver one. I don’t think anyone will be hanging their heads in shame over a medal. But, if it was easy, what would be the point?

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