1. When you signup, you will see the 6 new bonus Regions added to the list.

2. You can create your own team during the signup process. You can choose to keep the same team name that you were on for Region 1 – Region 12. You may also form a new team with members who are willing to do the bonus regions with you. If you are not sure, please write to me <naresh@craw.racing> with your Team Name and I will add it to the bonus regions, Region 13 – Region 18.

3. You and your team can start logging miles just like you did for CRAW Regions. (Please note that you will have to use the ‘Find Participant’ option to log your first activity for the region)

4. Once you complete a Bonus Region (Race Profile shows as 100% complete), you will be eligible for a medal as soon as they are available for shipping.

(Please see below for information/rules regarding Bonus Regions from Laz)

Bonus Region Details:

Region 13: Sub Saharan Africa – 3715 miles

Region 14: North Africa – 2944 miles

Region 15: Western Europe – 3388 miles

Region 16: Middle East – 2230 miles

Region 17: Trans Siberia – 3376 miles

Region 18: Asia – 2563 miles

Words from Laz regarding Bonus Regions.

  1. Shouldn’t we always start with the good news? Me and durb have been studying this thing and believe we can do the bonus regions for $30. Can’t nail that down until we get the pricing on the medals and shipping, and I just sent the maps to Naresh for Sub Saharan Africa, North Africa, Western Europe, and the Middle East. When you remove the buckles and “frames” from the equation it makes a big difference. Shipping costs are brutal, and complicated by the number of lost packages and bad addresses.
  2. Just so everyone understands, the bonus regions are just that. Bonus Regions. They have no impact on the placements/awards/finishes of the original race, they are just something you can do if you want to… added on because I wanted to do them! It really comes down to two things… when I saw how cool the 3-d effect of the medals was on the display, i wanted one that was complete with the whole world. And I already had kind of an itch to have “been everywhere” even if it was only virtually.
  3. The first set of bonus regions will take you to some exotic and memorable places: Cape Town South Africa, the Namib Desert, Luanda Angola, Both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria (where you will be housed each night with a Prince who will give you a million dollars), Niger and Algeria (while going right thru the middle of the Sahara), Morocco, the Strait of Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Spain (passing right by Madrid), France-straight to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, Across the Alps to Italy where you will go thru Genoa, Rome (including the Vatican City), and Venice, Across Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria to reach Turkey, Right thru the middle of Constantinople (how cool is that?), Thru Syria and Iraq (within a day trip of Baghdad) to reach Saudi Arabia and on to Mecca… We will end your journey at the Al Shabaka Bridge because no one is allowed past that point (not even virtually).
  4. I am still wrestling with the route to pick up Eastern Russia and China, There are lots of cool places to visit, but not too dam many roads!