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TeamR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Total Finish Time (Days)
Kelowna Nutbars10121317976571199115
Derby City1212161711877914147134
Team Old Biddy1316111511109811131310140
Bytown Travellers1416171913121281214137
Kiss Our Grit1317191814131081218142
BAD NOMADS161815181311111314129
EH to ZED131817191717111116139
The Grand CRAWlers162020221715111012143
3rd Rock Globetrotters1419181814131516127
Aussie CRAWlers15202724209910134
Soles 'n Spokes172322231712912135
Big Sexy Racing1321262317131310136
FSR head Far go Moor1518222518141214138
IGS - It's a Gong Show1731201815131711142
T:Zero Australia18282320231399143
Covid Made Me Do It1318192421191616146
CRAW MultiSport Team7121215138774
VetMed and Friends20252324131212129
Crepey Crawlies20252221171414133
AIMS - One20312420161211134
The Laz-Men16192124202017137
The Social Distance16212325191914137
Team #24021242530161011137
Caffinated Dragons15142927211915140
Craw Crew19282422191810140
We Want Buckles More Than Friends232722161213113
Purple Tails192020282216125
Circumpolar Stars193124231514126
Journey Junkies162026292116128
CRAW Club212527242210129
Chafing The Dream161831331616130
We're doing this WHY??182724262016131
Medal Whorders192527271815131
Rhino Crash182524262118132
The Young and the Rest of Us202522241823132
Zia Sun Chasers191725233019133
What in CRAWNation192827251816133
Turbos & tow floats122724352116135
The Tired Turtles192226292319138
Never Give Up Never Surrender!172928302114139
Ignorance is Blisters163332301914144
Where In The World Is ________ ?2530282613122
Long Distance Relay-tionship - Canada Eh?2123242927124
Laz-y Crew2023233326125
FSR MinnDak Flatlanders2526282825132
Buckeye Nation2629333217137
This Isn't The Barkley2831292822138
The International Team2129333026139
Crawfish Étouffée2431323022139
Denver Dames & Dudes1924353626140
Focus Endurance Choo Choo's1925343726141
Running Soles Crazy CRAW2530333023141
JV Lost Nomads2535342523142
Moose Heads - eh!?2036323525148
Why Would You Do That2132343929155
Team Truman2425212090
Virginia Run Ride & Race Team18232937107
Kingsway around the World27332428112
Kentucky Fried Crawdads27332833121
Bikes n Brews22273441124
Dumb Runner Track Club Multisport Team22363235125
Just Keep Crawling26293040125
NFH (with some H)26373527125
FSR Shock and Craw24303439127
Wake Me When It's Over21312947128
Scrambled Legs29373429129
Texas Goes Global25333636130
Men of Steel27363235130
Crazy in Ohio21354134131
Julie's Crockery Cabinet23373437131
The Tragically Fit23373834132
Made of Grit30423229133
Let's CRAW outta here22374035134
Run The Rock26333639134
Team Turtle28333637134
C2 Continental Crawdads25373935136
Bitcoin Ballers23354039137
Saltire multisports No 227393437137
MRC 18th Street31353833137
Sphere We Are!20284348139
Planetary Revolutionaries25333645139
Saltire Multisports25343545139
I'm Not CRAW'ing YOU ARE33383434139
Continental Drifters25383641140
Strava Sole Sistas27353741140
Global Distance Athletes29424227140
The Polar Express29413436140
Nomadic by Nature27304143141
Dixie Devils34314237144
Burn the Ships28374142148
Team Henn Splints45473232156
Hot Hot Budget Action22243278
The CRAWquistadors!27432494
I Can’t Believe They Agreed To This33343097
Polar Pacers20314899
Following Fogg283736101
We Love Ice Cream283837103
New England Lobstahs293539103
PACE MAKERS323833103
TEAM HO‘OMAU253643104
One Planet263642104
High Mile Club293738104
Free Flying Spirits273741105
WAVE (Wandering Around Virtually Everywhere)303936105
Joules Burn293740106
Dirty Jersey353735107
Cirque Du Sore Legs264240108
Eyes Of The World303840108
ETC Too284042110
Metro DC Galloway233949111
Smells Like a Freakshow284043111
WAIT-We changed our mind293844111
We'll Never Make It, The World is Flat294141111
Fireball Crashers373935111
HOW much farther??284440112
Virtual Friends323941112
True North303746113
Wilderness Traverse Team204945114
We Run Like The Wind(ed)264246114
Rambling Soles395223114
Young Pups and Alley Cats303946115
Two Hearted Randonneurs265139116
Short Skirts, Long Miles273455116
Transatlantic Express304244116
North American Unicorns364734117
Crazy Canucks284149118
The Green Miles334244119
Tenacious Soles304743120
U.N.I.M.O.G.s & More243859121
The TriMafia274153121
Team Higilaq274946122
West Tennessee Multisport263958123
Mimosas and Moon Pies284649123
EFC Kool Kids274255124
Team Almost There345040124
Passport STAMPede284156125
Road Warriors254259126
Crazier in Ohio264159126
Cascadia ThunderCats394246127
Run, Bike or CRAW314651128 Turbosnails324452128
The InCRAWdibles344747128
Let's Do This!363656128
Work Addict(s)544431129
The World Travelers334552130
Beauties & The Beast294161131
CRAW We There Yet?!265155132
Freestyle Crawl Supreme364157134
Are We There Yet374354134
T1eD Together355348136
BOGP Lizards Team B315056137
Crazy Is Contagious324659137
SuperKitty Rides Again544043137
CRAW, WALK, RUN, FLY345154139
Harriettes On On!324961142
More Snacks, Less Miles275364144
Can’t Sit Still FW274873148
Ladies of Laz World Tour514949149
Fit Euphoriacs122436
Run. Walk. CRAWl. Repeat.272754
Southern Alps353368
Vegans Exploring the Globe (VEG)294877
The Planeteers265278
The Great Heathen Army285179
She Wolves334679
Midwest Maniacs334881
Ky Gypsy’s226082
Camel Toe Posse295382
Team Premise Health285684
Our Legs Are Hungover315384
PNW Ultra Wanderlust345084
Misfit Toys394584
Dallas Quaranteam305585
Who Run the World?385088
It's A Run-derful World484088
Hot Flashers315990
F3 River Runners306191
The B Team355691
Nerd Immunity355792
team all for one316293
Tri State Globetrotters365793
Caboose Team375794
Ninjas of the North336295
We'll Get There When We Get There375895
Casual Pint Crew405595
Run, Walk or Craw(l)415596
Better Late Than Never474996
Do or do not there is no Tri385997
614 Tri Not to Die277198
Bleddyn's Barmy Bunch376198
CRAWling to the Finish386199
Awkward Turtles396099
Pandemic Travel Co.405999
Willow Running/Team RWB485199
Win, Laz, or CRAW2775102
CT CRAWlers3864102
Whistling Kitty Chasers3963102
Crawcaus Chasers4062102
International Long Distance Relaytionship4161102
Best Worst Idea EVER3370103
Waifs & Strays3667103
Circumvent de Feet4261103
Keto Runners Around the World3669105
Organ Mountain Warriors4164105
Yeti Trail and Ultra Runners4165106
Traveling Demons2978107
The Pursuit Of Hoppiness4265107
Global Fellows4364107
Die Turboschnecken4762109
Brock Trekkers3179110
Around The World In 80 Weeks4565110
Prom Night4565110
River Runners Multi Sport2784111
Petite trotte autour du monde5160111
Metro Milers3677113
Albertans Inspired4865113
Multisport Voyageurs3085115
Are We There Yet?4174115
Prime CRAWlers4372115
Cursed & Coerced4570115
Lemmings Around the World4571116
Middlesex Tambay1999118
We'll Get There Eventually!5762119
Go Team !3486120
Live, Love, and Laugh5961120
We've Got The Runs4576121
MidCoast X4576121
Let’s get healthy6755122
Gary 'yes i Can' trell Fan Club4776123
Global Gnomads5768125
Crazies Running Around the World Laughing: CRAWL Sub30 Style4087127
BOGP Lizards A5374127
Canes Bomber Landing aka CBL5672128
8th Wonder of the World3893131
Northern Beaches CRAWlers5279131
Tatooine Running Club5379132
The 2195775132
Team O'Neil4390133
Rocky Mountain Motoring Mommas5677133
Team Awesome4589134
Maybe this time I'll finish4491135
Crazy Traveling Bitches5679135
More Cowbell Junkies5284136
Who's idea was this4299141
CT CRAWlers Too5784141
Organ Mountain Vikings6180141
Ultra Inspired5290142
Pomaha Absurdist Multi-sporters41102143
I can't believe you talked me into this40104144
Craw Fools United1313
Girls who Triumph2121
Better Chafe than Sorry2525
Random Team #82727
Nova Scotia Strong2727
Fantastic Beastmode3232
Team ChiCRAWgo3434
The Order Of Magellan3434
Relay Bad Idea3737
Hot Mess Express3838
Around the World with Pickles4141
Parental Guidance Suggested (40+)4242
Back of the Pack4242
Will Run For MultiSporting Around the World - Team B4343
The Great Richmond Polar Expedition4343
Globe CRAWlers4343
Gone to Plaid4444
Sisters of the North4444
Trail Chix Down Under4545
Crazy cat people4747
Hookers and friends4848
Will Run For MultiSporting Around the World - Team A4949
Worst Pace Scenario4949
outCRAWling Rona4949
Painted Devil Daddys5050
Down the Rabbit Hole5050
Azure Skies5050
Guns N Rose´5151
Weak Links5252
So Cal CRAW5252
Rugged Maine Warriors5353
Not Fast, Just Furious5454
The Dino-Sores5454
The Nerd Herd5555
The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good Varsity5555
Geaux Tigahs5656
Mission Possible5656
We thought they said Rum5656
NRC Mad Dog 20205757
Tour de Globe5757
See York Run York 4 - Party at the Back!5858
Your Pace or Mine5959
Hash House Harriers6161
Team Random6363
CRAWler Squad6464
Trail Thrillers Ireland6464
Superheroes in Training6565
Wicked Awesome Fun Runners6666
CRAW Is Cheaper than Therapy6868
CRAWling Tourists6868
KP at the World's End6868
High and Mighty6969
Hold My Granger Thing6969
Brewers on the Move6969
Metro Miling6969
BOGP Lizards Team C7070
R we there yet?7171
Tortoises & Hares7272
Will Run For Multi-Sporting Around the World - Team A7474
JJ Express7575
Why Not?7676
Adios Fluff7878
Wandering Trails7878
CRAWmplicated RELAYtionship with Running7979
We'll Try It For One Leg8080
Team Sloth Mode8282
Buns on the Run8383
Canadian Crawlers8383
Stop the Race!8383
Lead The Way8383
Run to Change Lives8484
Globe Crawtters8585
Team Red White and Blue8686
CAN Days8787
3Runs No Discards9191
Chafing CRAWfish9191
Hike MoCo9191
The international french9292
Team Berglund9797
Fairly Honest Franks9898
Wandering Waldos100100
STL Adventurers110110
Genola Elite112112
Biometrics around the globe116116
TSR koolaide117117
Caboose Club117117
5 Boomers and 2 Zoomers118118
Blister Sisters from Another Mister118118
3 Moms and a Dad Bod119119
Blaze Hunters119119
We Shoulda Turned Left!119119
Don't Stop Meowth!124124
Friends of Dirt129129
Random Team #9135135 Orange Ogres137137
HOTPEDI rocks!138138
Runners with a cycling problem138138
Trail Tuesday UK139139
What the Fork139139