Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My shipping address changed since I last registered for CRAW? How do I change my shipping address?

A: You can change your shipping address by logging into your Runsignup Profile and View Registration.

Q: Do I have to be on a team? How do I get on one?

A: Yes. (Unless you choose to do the whole region solo in which case, write to us and let us know)

To join a team, you need to contact the team captain.

Please post on the CRAW Facebook group to look for teammates.  You can also introduce yourself to the Facebook group and ask if any team is looking for members.

Q: I would like to find a team/or a team member?

A: If your team has lost a team member due to injury or other reasons, or if you would like to join a team, please post on Facebook CRAW Page. If you have any questions, please reach out to Steve <>, Naresh <>.

Q: I am locked out and not able to log miles?

A: You need to sign-in to RunSignUp to add your entries. You may have selected the option where you will be able to submit activity only if you are logged in.

If you would like to enter miles by phone or email, you need to disable that option.

Q: How many members make up a team?

A: A Running team consists of 1 – 10 members.

A: A Cycling/Multisport team consists of 1- 10 members

Q: Can I switch from one team to another?

A: Once a team starts a region, members cannot switch from one team to another. Team members may choose to stay together or switch to another team at the conclusion of a region.

Q: Can we start a team with less than 10 people, and then add more as we go?

A: Yes. As long as the new member is a newly registered member; NOT someone who comes off of another team.

Q: How do I log my mileage?

A: Mileage will be logged into the Runsignup system using the following link:

Q: When do I log my mileage ?

A: We recommend that mileage be logged daily by the individual; however you are allowed to enter the daily mileage any time during the one week Monday through Sunday. Enter data in your own time.

Individuals’ mileage is automatically added to the team totals.

If an individual cannot enter their miles for any reason, another team member (preferably the Captain), can enter for that person.

Team totals are updated in the standings once per/week; with the week beginning on Monday in your time zone.

All submissions for a respective week must be entered BEFORE midnight on the following day (Tuesday before 11:59 PM Central Time). After this point, the system will lock out the week, and no further entries will be allowed for that particular week.

Q: If I forget to, or can’t enter my mileage, for whatever reason, can I go back and enter my mileage?

A: NO! PLEASE NOTE…IMPORTANT: Failure to enter your mileage during the aforementioned time period will result in LOSS of those miles. You will NOT be able to go back and enter them.

Example: For the week Monday, Sept 7, through Sunday, Sept 13, all mileage for this week must be entered by Tuesday, Sept 15 at 11:59P M CT.

Activity Submission Window

Look at the chart for more example.

Q: How many regions make up the race? 

A: There are twelve (12) regions.

Q: Where can I see a map of the course?

A: You can see the 12 regions and a video of the course on the Home page of this website.

Q: Is there a Map to track my progress

Yes. Please Click on the Result tab and navigate to your team results. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Map progress”.

Q: Does each member of the team have to run the same mileage, or can some members run more than others?

A: Each member runs and records mileage. Some members will run more than others. The total mileage of the team is what counts.

Q: At the end of a region is a team supposed to stop until everyone registers for the next region? 

A: No. Each individual who wishes to stay on the team should register as soon as possible.

The team’s mileage for the next region will begin as soon as someone enters mileage in the new region. 

Q: Will miles carry over to the next region? 

A: There is No automatic carry over of surplus miles by the system from one region to the next.

Keep track of the team progress. You will only want to record the amount of miles needed to finish the region, and then enter the remaining miles on next region. If put on the old region it is lost.  

Q: During GVRAT someone set up Geo fit to work with our apps to put us on a map of Tennessee. Is that something that has been done for this race also? 

A: NO. We do not have any association with geofit or any other gps system. This is strictly a manual entry.

Any mention of geofit will be deleted from our facebook page because people think they are entering on our system. No trying to be mean but we’ve been through this already.

Q: Is it $40 per region/per person? What do I get for that?

A: Yes. That is the price for Region 1. $40 is the maximum amount we foresee for any of the regions. You will get your money’s worth. A single 5k or 10k, even virtual, is as much as $40, and it’s over in an hour. Keep in mind that each region is about 2500 miles, and will take days to complete. You can decide at the conclusion of a Region as to whether you continue on to the next Region.

Q: Do I need a GPS watch to enter miles?

A: No. You can use one if you wish to track your miles, but you’ll be able to manually add your mileage.

Q: If I join Running, which miles count?

A: Only running, walking, hiking, treadmill, snowshoeing. Purposeful miles; not just steps acquired by walking around the house, or taking out the trash.

Q: If I join Cycling/Multisport, which miles count?

A: Cycling, running, walking, hiking, treadmill, cross country skiing, in-line skating, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, swimming. Basically, anything that is human-powered. E-bikes are not human-powered.

Q: Can a team consist of some Running members, and some Cycling/Multisport members?

A: Running teams can ONLY consist of members who run, or walk for their miles. Anyone who wants to do anything else, needs to join a Cycling/Multisport team.

Q: Why we have one team member who shows up on the team list as “Anonymous Participant” or Why can’t I search for a specific participant.

That’s because the team member has chosen to be anonymous while registering their profile.

See this link for more info:

Q: Can I “double dip”, meaning if I run another race, can I count those miles in CRAW?

A: Yes!! 

Note: As noted in the waiver you agreed to, “We reserve the right to change the details of the event without prior notice.”

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