Circumpolar Race Around the World – A race that’s taking our world and turning it on its side


Message from Laz

The journey run (or ride) of a lifetime awaits you. A run that will completely circumnavigate the Earth. The real Earth. Going thru real countries, on real roads. You will get to follow yourself around the Globe on a route that covers nearly 30,000 miles…

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Running only is for running and walking.


is for all human-powered activities, including, but not limited to; Cycling, running, walking, XC skiing, inline skating, paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing

Run SIgnup


The Circumpolar Race Around the World (CRAW), is a relay race for teams of ten members. Teams can be designated as runners or cyclists/multisport. Teams will race 48,550 kilometres (30,167 miles) through 12 regions of the world.