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TeamR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Total Finish Time (Days)
Fear the Running Dead1318212173
We're Already Drunk20272774
Florida Georgia Line20273582
Twisted Blisters223355
Marcho Polos243155
WV Prestige Worldwide253055
Jess Do It253055
Algonquin Flatlanders223456
Running Til the World Ends Racers253156
Last Annual Vol State Racers253156
Ed's Ultra Team263157
A Year On The Run253358
Behind By A Century253358
The Polar Express243559
Run, Magellan, Run263359
Wastrels with Wanderlust293261
Walking Dead263662
In Jesper's Footsteps332962
Active Happy Feet283563
Run Junkies263864
Chasing the Sunrise293564
Shamrock Globe Trotters303464
Snowdrop Oldies273865
Easier Said Than Run293665
Ultra Rads Runners293766
Bayou City Voyagers313566
Around the World in 380 Days274067
Not Fast Just Furious303868
Winter is Coming - PMA313768
The Continentals294170
Nifty Fifties!323870
Them A$$holes294271
Run Addicts314071
New England Merrimacks323971
Bad Hare Runners294473
Piedmont Lobsters304373
smoking loons314273
Allegro Ma Non Troppo324173
Run. Walk. CRAWl. Repeat.304474
Band of Others334275
Team Su-. Japan383876
World's Okayest Relay Team324577
The Galopins BXL324577
The Running Dead334477
Pace Cadets304979
Vera's Vagabonds334679
Seat Of Our Pants344579
Forest Runnahs354479
The Circumpolar Express344680
Canadian Shuffle the third344680
We're With Them354580
We Run Diz World374481
Team R.I.O.T344882
Canadian Shuffle364682
Team BC3131
GB United3434
les Aleatoire3434
Prestige Worldwide3434
This is the way3535
River Runners Run/Walk3636
Super Cool Social Distance Runners3636
MTA-Release the Kraken3636
Team Insanity3636
The Wayfarers3737
Ready Set CRAW3737
Rogue Runners3838
Something Wicked this Way Runs3838
Ultra CRAWlers3838
RATS Abroad (Reading Area Trail Runners)3838
Fool of a Took Walkers3939
Flaming Nopples3939
Motivated Mayhem3939
Voyageurs du Monde3939
Canadian Shuffle Too3939
Running Free3939
The Burly Trail Runners4040
Fireball Flashers4040
Pandemic Prancers4040
Random CRAWl4040
Saltire Runners4040
Trail Mix4040
Where Are We?4040
Pugnacious Perambulators de Passepartout4040
Some runnin some CRAW-lin4040
Squad Hard Runners4141
Trottin' Oxen4141
Fireball Dashers4141
Nerds on the run4141
Chafing Our Dreams4141
Strange Things are Afoot4141
The InCRAWdibles4141
OREO Speedwagon4242
SeeYorkRunYork T24242
Teel Joggers4343
Sunset crew4343
Good Trouble4343
Random Team #64343
Essential Runners4343
Bad Mother Runners Go Global4343
De Novo CRAWlers4343
Dana Vikings4343
Crazy lazy CRAWlers4343
She Runs the World4343
Bob & The Birdies4444
Volée & Friends4444
The Walking Almost-Dead4545
The Grynders4646
Team Ohana4646
K2J Fitness4646
It's a Small World4646
Region One for Fun4646
Buckeyes and Other Nuts4747
Grupo Aleatorio4747
FBI's Ten Least Wanted4747
Runners Never Say Die!4747
It's A Run-derful World4747
For the Bling4747
Altra Red Team4848
CRAW Dudes and Dudettes4848
Chicks Running Around the World4848
Nasty Runners4949
Feet for Good5050
Team Elderbrock5151
Emu Crew5151
Taper Tantrums5151
SeeYorkRunYork Team 35151
TJM Nation5151
Snail, sloth, turtle and friends5454
Booking It!5555
Truckin' Turtles5555
Shitshow Squad5555
Old Timers5656
Covid Cheetahs5656
It's a Lifestyle5757
Jormungandr's Den5858
Top Secret5858
Let's Run Pangea (LRP)6161
45th Parallel Crawlers6161
Raging Kiwis6262
The Chaffers6262
Tidewater Striders6262
Gate City Globetrotters6262
San Diego Turtles and Friends6262
Between a Walk and a Hard Pace6262
Chafing the Dream6262
Groupe Aléatoire6464
outCRAWling Rona6565
Fox River Trail Runners6767
The Cool Kids6868
Team HMS Endurance6969
Teachers Union6969
OMB Worldwide7070
Against Medical Advice7171
Cirque Du Sore Legs7373
Island runners7474
The Coasters7575
Los Runners7676
Following Polaris7777
The Cropdusters7979
Thong Distance Runners8080